TyreVogue sells the product as a complete kit for a car/bike.
You can choose between 4 or 8 decals.
4 decal kit: Each decal can be applied on the tyre (top or bottom).
8 decal kit: Each decal can be applied on both top and bottom side of a tyre.
If you need more than 8 decals, add the quantity in shopping cart.

TyreVogue decals has a limit of 12 characters on each phrase. If you need more characters, you will need to order another kit.

Each kit ordered, will be inclusive of:
Decals, application instruction, TyreVogue tyre cleaner and TyreVogue’s unique adhesive.
This is a special adhesive and should not be substituted.

TyreVogue sells its product as curved decals which are meant to align properly as per the tyre size specified. This results in clean application with no risk of improper alignment.
If you need individual letters, you can mention it in the “notes” section.

When in doubt, choose the height of the engraved letters on your tyres. If you need larger heights, remember that the decal should not be so tall that it touches the tyre treads. A minimum of 0.5 to 1.0 inch should be left from the tyre treads to save the decal from rubbing against the road during cornering or rough conditions.

There is no need to sand the sidewall before application. However, proper cleaning of the tyre should not be compromised. An improperly cleaned tyre may result in difficulties in bonding. Even brand new tyres are supposed to be cleaned thoroughly.

TyreVogue decals are extremely light weight and thin. There is no need for balancing the wheels. However, if installing a white wall, coloured wall stickers or more than 25 letters on a tyre, wheel balancing might be required.

You can choose “font not listed” from the font options and mention your custom font in the “notes” section.

Of course. There are unlimited customization options available with TyreVogue.

Just upload your design here.

TyreVogue stickers are completely washable. Cleaning can be done with car wash soaps and other detergent and rubbing the decals to remove all the oil and dirt picked up. Avoid using a sharp and hard material for rubbing.

Accidents happens, we can always send you a few letters in case you lost some. Just contact us with a picture of your ride with billing details.

The only reason for improper bonding is the cleaning of the tyre. Cleaning the tyre as per the instructions will help. The tyre should be completely free of surface impurities like dust and oil.

We are always seeking to add partners to our distribution network! We offer several packages for distributors including tyre letter kits with individual letters, pre-curve brand name and custom designs or a combination of both.

TyreVogue offers sponsorship in the form of a Brand Advocate Program.  To enter, contact us with your bio including details of events you attend, clubs you are associated with and photos of your vehicle.